Brand-maker, writer, dog lover, queer activist, and all-around swell guy.

I just want to be that person that left something good behind, you know? I gotta say, it's what gets me going every day. 

After all these years of working in digital communications, the power of connectivity still astounds me. I have held seemingly endless roles throughout my career: designer, kicked-ass as a producer where I led programs big and small, held the title of director a few times, launched 80 or so websites and apps, a music video, swept floors, stocked kegs, and worked like a madman for six weeks to get a toaster to show up on target.com. 

All this has made me strategic, smart, savvy, and not like the rest of the pack. My passion for connection extends to my LGBTQ advocacy work, as well as working with mission-driven organizations to build amazing experiences. Anything that I can do to terrorize the patriarchy is the icing on the cake.

South Dakota

I grew up in the same house that my dad was raised in. In fact, he was born in the kitchen in '32 and I had the same bedroom growing up as he did. I got mad-love for SD.

Previous Job Titles

Shoe salesman, building materials @ Menards, server, car salesman, secretary, decorator, program manager, photographer, content manager, graphic designer, guest service administrator, bartender, detailer, designer, professional faux-finisher/painter, engagement director, hoteling coordinator

First Ride

1983 Chevy Celebrity

Worst Enemy

Flat paint


If it doesn't keep you up at night, is it really worth doing? 

From time to time, it's perfectly necessary to jump off the cliff.

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Epic Wins

I studied at the Art Institute as well as an apprenticeship with a designer who was skilled with a construction background. These experiences offered incredible training that has served me well, and I use my fine arts background to supplement my aesthetic.


It's all about blending the old and new to compose beautifully functional spaces. I define my approach as 3rd Person design; creating a space that understands your lifestyle in order to create a space that, as Oprah says, should rise to greet you every day.


I fancy myself a preservationist; I admire homes that respect their history while looking toward the future. My vacations are spent strolling through mid-century neighborhoods looking for the homes that survived the years with grace.

(Oprah reference FTW!)

Interior Design Background

Whatever it is you do, just leave it better than ya found it.