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I just want to be that person that left something good behind, you know? 

My drive comes from a lifetime worth of refusing the status quo, taking the long way, and staying curious. Professionally, I worked in digital content, tech, and donor experience, and in more recent years, adding program design to my resume. I founded Dorothy, an organization focused on advocacy for LGBTQ people by growing their cultural competency. I love everything Queer culture, theater, entertaining, music, mid-century architecture, Forensic Files, and David Sedaris.


South Dakota

I grew up in the same house that my dad was raised in. In fact, he was born in the kitchen in '32 and I had the same bedroom growing up as he did. I got mad-love for SD.

Previous Job Titles

Shoe salesman, building materials attendant, server, car salesman, secretary, decorator, program manager, photographer, content manager, graphic designer, guest service administrator, bartender, detailer, designer, professional faux-finisher/painter, engagement director, hoteling coordinator

First Ride

1983 Chevy Celebrity

Worst Enemy

Flat paint

If it doesn't keep you up at night, is it really worth doing? 

From time to time, it's perfectly necessary to jump off the cliff.

Career Scores

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