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  • Zeb Carlson

Case Study: Scott County CDA

We're more than rooftops. That was the comment that Executive Director Bill Jaffa made during our first meeting, and it was the north star of our work together. The Scott County Community Development Agency is vital to the county's booming growth. With a brand that felt impersonal, they realized it was time to freshen things up. As I met with staff, I heard stories of their compassion and role with the county.


Our work started with developing a mission and vision better aligned with theirs. We used the organization's leadership, the staff's passion, and their work to create equitable solutions for everyone in Scott County to rethink how the CDA shows up.


As we developed the mission, we started working on the updated tone of the organization — which includes the tone of our conversations online and off, the colors and brand identity, and all things that connect with the people that engage with the CDA, right down to the sign on the front door that welcomes you to the office.

The CDA provides a number of services for the county:

  • Through a variety of programs and services, they work to ensure all people have a safe home to call their own.

  • They provide direct services that support tough times such as foreclosure counseling, and also support for those thinking about buying their first home.

  • Economic development, providing programs and consulting services to those that seek to establish or grow their business in our county.

This means that they help the cities do everything from bring in new job opportunities with businesses and such, and all the way to helping create low-interest and deferred loan programs for communities to develop housing. Very cool, and very essential. We wanted all of this to come together in a warm, conversational, and decidedly not-too-government-feeling brand.


The website is all about getting people what they need, easily. We created a resource library full of forms and documents in order to make it easier to prep before coming in for an appointment, and resources that help those considering setting up their business in Scott County.

By updating the website copy with a conversational tone and more clear calls to action, while at the same time utilizing SEO best practices, we were able to pull our work together in a well organized and helpful resource.

To learn more or ask a question, please contact me. Please take a moment and like, follow, and share the CDA's social media, too!



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