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  • I'd like to listen-in. Is that possible?
    C'mon over! I created the lunch & learn as a low-cost way to learn about what we are working together to build and invite you to attend in order to figure out if this is right for your organization. If you'd like, we can schedule a coffee to talk more. If I'm not the right partner, I bet I know someone who is.
  • Is it difficult to offer al a carte offerings?
    Modern marketing is woven together tightly, designed for each component working towards a desired outcome that ladders-up into a organizational ambition. Yet I realize there are short-term or immediate needs and built the menu of services to be fast-acting for your needs. The workshop is a great chance to build your foundation, the plan that guides your overall marketing, and why we offer it at a cost-effective way to give yourself a big boost.
  • I work for a for-profit. Could I still attend a workshop?
    We focus our work with mission-driven organizations, regardless if its .org or .com. It's what we know best and where our passion comes to life! Pragmatically, this focus helps us pool together data about the sector in which to glean insights more efficiently, which helps keep our costs low. As long as you are serving your community with a product or service that enriches the greater good, you're very welcome here.
  • What the heck is an asset library?
    Thanks for asking! Essentially, it's a ton of images and video footage that you can utilize into a variety of places, from websites, social media, pamphlets, reports, and so much more. I've found that this is cost-saving in that you don't have to purchase stock photography (that often times is too generic) as well as bringing your organization to life in a way that connects with people. This library is shot by a professional team and has permissions to be used as long as you'd like, and we work together to create the overall art direction, shot list, talent, must-have assets, and all of the other details that go into a high quality shoot. Bottom line, I simply cannot stess the importance of a damn good asset library as a foundation to everything your brand communicates!
  • So, you think it's a good idea for nonprofits to collaborate together, hmm?"
    I sure do. Many of us are concerned about homogenization in this time of turbulent change and we must partner to ensure sure that we are serving our personal and organizational ambitions. As such, it bums me out that non-profits rarely get the chance to collaborate. So, let's bust that paradigm! I believe we can rally together to grow donor share and not borrow from each others donors, which will create bigger opportunities of awareness to the communities we serve + potential donors that are eager to help.
  • How do you choose your team of freelancers?
    First, they have to be an expert in their field of practice. Second, we aim for inclusion: Many have taken their IDI and/or participated in formal diversity and inclusion training. These characteristics are paramount as we source the team, as well as folks that have robust backgrounds and identities. Gender identity, race, religious background, sexual orientation, are a big part of our processes, and we strive to utilize talent within the communities that we serve. Above all, we want to make this process fun! You'll appreciate that we source only people that are a hoot to work with :)
  • How is you & your team giving back?
    I'm working on it. Eventually, a portion of our proceeds will be given-back to our community or sponsoring events that are free. Potentiailly, we can offer more pro-bono services to organizations that are struggling. Stay tuned.
  • Who are your best partners and organizations?
    For us to be able to create so much in so little time your organization needs to have a pretty good grasp on marketing. However, if you're part of a teeny organization and you don't have a marketing or comms person, I created the Rent-A-Marketing Manager to help us figure out how we could best partner. Big picture, ideal scenario is that you have a program in place and at a scale that you have a full time marketing or comms staff member, no matter their level. My virtual team chooses to work with organizations that we believe in their mission, and we don't want to work with right-leaning or non-inclusive organizations. There are better services for these organizations and we prefer to stick with our own areas of passion.
  • Are there ways to partner with you?
    OMG, yes, please! We are working hard to build a community of individuals that won't stand for status-quo and want to strengthen the Twin Cities. Over time, I wish to create programming and events that offer insight into the future of philanthropy and much more. The more we build the network, the stronger we will be. If you'd like to chat, send me an email and we'll find a way to collaborate.
  • How the heck will I afford all of this?
    Yeah, I hear ya. For most organizations, budgets are tight as heck. We work to make our services attainable to most organizations and there could be opportunities to partner on a pro-bono level. It's worth a conversation, so let's talk about what you are looking to accomplish. Additionally, I hope to bring a scholarship-like program for foundations or other donors to sponsor attendees for workshops. If you have ideas on how to make this happen, let's chat!
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