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  • Zeb Carlson

Case Study: Dolce Mia

Take a family from Sonoma County, put them on a farm with foster sheep, add a husband who is a well-versed developer, and a wife who is a talented artist, and they'll create bath & body products with great quality and awesome design. We are created momentum for their brand online, increasing traffic to the site, and awareness of their product line to gifters.

Content Strategy

We captured the quirky style and unique aromas into a strategic approach for Jenny and her team to create blog posts, social, and other content to greet people that are in categories of potential customers. We used keyword research to map areas of content linking motivations to a promotional calendar that offers-up what people want, when they want it. This helped us focus on what content to produce and when to produce it.

Information Architecture & Website Design

The old site needed a big makeover as it didn't bring to life the packaging and certainly didn't capture the passion Jenny put into the scent profiles. We collaborated to develop an experience that enabled users to sort by scent, design, and most of all, was easy to browse when you weren't quite sure what you were looking for.

Asset Library:

We created a library of photos that can be used in a variety of places, from social media to blogging and printed materials. It was important to utilize the inspiration that Jenny, the founder of Dolce Mia, uses to create the unique packaging.

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