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  • Zeb Carlson

RIP America?

I've seen this pop up on Facebook over the last week and I'm telling you, this shit really grinds my gears. Hence, this is the first of a series of posts I'm calling, "Stop Un-Funny Meming" (working title).

Let's all agree to stop with the Rest in Peace for America schtick. We are vibrant and alive. While there is unrest in so many due to injustices, we keep on fighting the good fight! Unrelentless even, our ongoing hunger for something better and stronger continues.

I absolutely agree that the cost of living is high. Rents are crazy-expensive, and the cost of a head of broccoli is OOC. Taxes are high. Yet I'm proud to pay taxes. I am frustrated at times, when I see the street by my house with potholes going unfixed, but I am quickly shook back to reality by seeing how there are new libraries and parks that are getting maintained beautifully and all because of a well-run government in my city.I heard Governor Dayton mention in an interview a story about his family and their budget meetings, where they gather and review their financial standings (yes, rich people do these things). Some members of his family complained about their hike in taxes over the previous year, and he defended it simply: When we are paying more in taxes, it means we had a better year. When we can do better, it means all of us can do better.

Parents have to work, it's true. Parents are innovating different ways to raise their kids as the first generations of tech-savvy toddlers start growing up. Kids really are growing up faster. Latchkey kids are turning into these amazing, independent and smart humans. I see the generation under my own and in awe of the social responsibility they have, the same that took me decades to learn; they are, like, way in front of me and my own progress.

I totally know what you are getting at with "yelling at kids" and yes, sorry once again that you can't spank another person's kid. Again, one word for you, turd-head: Millennial. They are brillz.

Yep, Christian God was taken out of school. Yep, you can't pray in school as a class. Suck it up, 'cuz that don't mean that this country is dead. In fact, the vibrancy of other interpretations of God is brilliant, and makes me ponder more about my own beliefs and how they integrate with those around me.

And we are in a country that has the freedom to elect a woman to be commander in chief. While it's easy to be frustrated that it took this long, it's happening in front of us. Change is good. Change is essential. Bring on more change.

There's a lot of things to be frightened by, but mourning a country lost isn't one of them. And think about it: When you are intimidated of the things that are going on (TRUMP/RUSSIA/ISIS/TRUMP/BLM/TRUMP/TRUMP), you got the freedom to go out and

do something about it.

So, live on America. You are totally alive.

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