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Dates: TBD

Total Duration: 5 Weeks

Days: TBD/2 Hour Sessions

Cost: $$$

Beginning Spring '18, I'll be offering a cohort-based learning to help mission-driven organizations create a robust + easily executable editorial calendar. Similar missions will be grouped together to build organization-specific plans for how to finish 2018 strong. 


I've created a workshop-style curriculum with a co-op price structure: The overall cost is divided by the number of participants.


Cost of Lunch & Learn is $50/person and goes toward the cost of the remaining workshop sessions.


This is an opportunity to bring your director, board members, and your donors to learn more about how all aspects of a marketing program work together to best serve your mission and also see if the workshop is right for you. Editorial planning, content calendars, donor stewardship, goal-setting, and case stating, as well as discussing how challenges in the non-profit sector are forcing us to think about the future and ways to band together to create awareness to encourage growing overall donor share in the Twin Cities (and beyond). 


The group will navigate through individual questionnaires together to discuss previous campaigns and efforts, brand elements, how community members stayed involved, as well as discuss struggles faced in the past and how to lay the groundwork for our plans. This is foundational work to get a grasp on how we can work together in future sessions to create specific plans + editorial calendars catered to your organization.


Between the first session and this one, my team will research online behaviors to identify trends that will help create the calendar and potential programming. We'll also look at some case studies to identify what may be best-in-class for us to benchmark. We'll start sketching our personas for new and existing donors, too. Analytics drive good ideas; this is a fun session for us to start dreaming about alllll of the possibilities!


Now that your goals and objectives are outlined, we'll start to develop the plan within your organization's efforts. We'll talk about individual channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as owned-assets such as your website and email outreach programs. You'll walk away with individual calendars that you'll review with your primary stakeholders and bring to the 1:1 session with Zeb after this session.


Facetime for me to meet with your team and share the final plan we've created. These sessions are 2 hours and before we meet for our final session and we'll have another 1-hour meeting to review the final plan together. 


As a group, we are developing individual communities of practice that strive for easy implementation of their plans. What are you nervous about? What makes you excited? How can we support each other? We'll finish with a little celebration to kick off this work going back to your organization, too!

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